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About Dr. Ioana Cebulla

Dr. Ioana Cebulla’s interest in psychology began many years ago as a practicing medical doctor in her homeland of Romania.  Throughout her training, Dr. Cebulla was continually drawn to the connection between mind and body — a connection that was and is too-often ignored by Western Medicine.

Upon moving to the United States in 1998, Dr. Ioana Cebulla decided to merge her interest in the mind with her medical training in the body through the study of psychology.  She went on to receive her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the APA-accredited California School of Professional Psychology in 2011, and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2016. Dr. Cebulla completed her post doc fellowship with the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, where she worked with the Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo. Ioana deeply enjoyed her work with the VA and still continues to serve these communities as a staff psychologist with the San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria VA clinics.

In addition, Dr. Ioana Cebulla has completed the comprehensive DBT and ACT training; additional specialized training in ACT for Anxiety and Depression, CBT for Depression; Behavioral Activation for Depression, CBT for Psychosis; Exposure and Response Prevention; CBT/ACT for Trichotillomania /body-focused repetitive behaviors; Transdiagnostic Treatment Approach; PE, and CPT.

In 2016, she began working with her current practice — Healthy Minds — in San Luis Obispo, where she focused her approach on mindfulness therapy within the CBT framework. Healthy Minds is a network of independent licensed clinicians — five psychologists, two psychiatrists, and one social worker — who work independently, each having their own practice in their particular niche. Each clinician-partner in Healthy Minds has their own specialty within the field of clinical psychology, and each can easily access the resources and expertise of one another. This independent yet collaborative network allows for easier referrals and more holistic treatment when needed.

Dr. Ioana Cebulla loves the work that she does and the region she lives in.  As a child, she always dreamed of living in a place of eternal summer, and here on the central coast of California, she’s found it.  When she’s not working, she spends her time exploring the great outdoors with her husband and three kids.  They love experiencing the area’s natural beauty with hiking, swimming, and trips to the beach.